DJ Maniac


I’ve started my journey in the world of music back in 1996 when I’ve enrolled to music academy to learn music theory and to play clarinet, saxophone, keyboard & drums. Mid 1999 I’ve obtained my very own copy of Fruity Loops, started producing EDM & DJing from my bedroom. A year later got myself involved in the school radio life which opened the doors to organising and spinning records at number of events across the city. To progress with my expertise in the events industry I’ve became sound & SFX engineer for the private sector.

Due to unforseen circumstances in 2002 I’ve changed my career and left the music industry altogether.

Now after 15 years in 2016 I’ve met DJ Stonecold and DJ Gazza P both of whom started encouraging me to chase my passion and quite literally started dragging me back into music. So after a few months spent trying to familiarise with latest technologies and current trends, I’m back in game as The Maniac and since June 2017 spinning heavy bangers on Unity Vibe Radio. Hardstyle, Hardcore , DnB, Melbourn Bounce, Dubstep, Drumstep, Neurofunk and all harder styles are my passion so if you feel it – watch this space, and keep it locked!