Dub Junky


I’m Dub Junky the name actually has nothing to do with music, it’s because I’m a massive fan of the classic VW Golf GTI Mk1 or “Dub” for short. So far I’ve had 10 and owned the last one for 12 years.

Me and my brother Garzah P are the founders of Natural Groove have our own awesome 5k sound system and we host our show Monday’s 8-10pm.

We’re based In Nottingham and over the last 2 years regularly play clubs/pubs and private functions all over the midlands.

I’ve never been interested in wanting to play in the top clubs in front of sell out crowds. I personally love playing parties and the challenge of getting bums off seats and onto the dance floor.

I describe myself as someone who likes to play music and not a Dj. Because of the multicultural diversity and age of our audience when we play out, the music I play fits the occasion.

So for that reason my music collection covers from Motown to Grime and almost all genres of urban and popular music in between.

In summary who am I? Just a guy who gets a buzz from playing music to people and watching them dance.