DJ Giovanni


As a veteran DJ.I started in 1990 as a dj spinning tracks on dream fm as part of the management I was keen to help people like myself to change the face of music in the uk in the underground seen as a pirate station the funny thing about it at the time I could not mix at all and I was amazed when I saw the likes of dj exodus and natty bass line playing happy hardcore and early jungle mixes and I wanted to be like them so I would do the grave yard shifts so I could learn how to mix .

Dj Skills

When I started it was just turntables.

But I’ve progressed to using cds and went on to be a digital DJ as in using traktor scratch pro dj and two controllers and effects, so if I use all my kit which is a korg kp3 pad efx 1000 and pioneer remixer

S8 controller the sounds I make are unbelievable which I may say are cutting edge. Plus I’m a remixer of tracks to suit myself.

Tuesdays deep tech house 8pm till 10pm